Limestone Restoration and Limestone Polishing

Is Your Limestone White?

LimestoneLimestone restoration is the expert process of cleaning limestone and returning it to it's original color.  If your limestone isn’t white, it should be.  Discoloration is the first sign that your limestone has not been protected and is not being properly maintained.   Because limestone has a smooth granular finish that varies in its hardness, caring for your limestone requires expertise and experience.  Some of the more dense limestone can be polished to a smooth finish, while others are enjoyed in their more natural state of a course grainy finish.  Regardless of its finish, limestone is easily stained.

With its cool finish, Limestone is an excellent stone for use in building structures, especially in the more humid regions.  Pure limestone is almost white, filled with impurities, such as clay particles and seashells.  Limestone exists in abundance which makes it a popular material for hotels and homes alike.

Limestone rocks are sedimentary rocks made from materials that live in water.  These materials settle and create the stone, after seas and lakes have evaporated.  The remains are mineral calcite which comes from the beds of seas and lakes and from sea animal shells.

Therefore, limestone requires proper conditioning, cleaning, protection, and restoration.  For 30 years, Rose Restoration International, Inc. has been providing expert restoration and care of limestone in fine hotels, commercial buildings and luxury homes nationwide.

To better understand your limestone, restoration of its true character and how to maintain its integrity, contact Rose Restoration today.

About the Author: Richard Dasch is the President & Founder of Rose Restoration. For 30 years, Rose Restoration has provided Limestone Cleaning & Limestone Restoration services for some of the nations finest hotels, both modern and historical. Rose Restoration is proud to have cleaned limestone in homes of 3 presidents, hundreds of Senators and Congressmen, ambassadors and our most important clients – people just like you. Your decision to choose Rose Restoration can be made with confidence. Our attention to detail and safety, and protection of your assets is what sets us apart from our competition.


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